About Us


Welcome to Solid Rock Foundation, your premiere destination for gospel film excellence. Founded on unwavering faith and a commitment to storytelling with purpose, we stand as a pillar in the realm of gospel film production.

At Solid Rock Foundation, we recognize the transformative power of cinema, and our mission is simple yet profound—to produce films that resonate with the soul, stir the spirit, and share the eternal message of hope and redemption.

Our team, comprised of passionate filmmakers and storytellers, is dedicated to crafting narratives that not only entertain but also leave an indelible mark on the hearts of audiences. From script to screen, we build on the solid foundation of faith, ensuring that each frame reflects the enduring values of love, grace, and the unshakable Rock on which our foundation stands.

Join us on this cinematic journey where faith meets film, and let Solid Rock Foundation be the cornerstone for your next gospel cinematic masterpiece. Together, let’s create stories that echo the timeless truths of the Gospel and leave an everlasting impact on those who experience the power of the silver screen.